Tourism and leisure

Beaumont Tower
located 2 minutes from La Coquette.

The Beaumont tower is an old lantern whose light signaled the coast to the navigators circulating on the estuary of the Gironde.
From the tower, the look embraces the estuary of the Gironde de Blaye in Royan.
One of the most beautiful views of the estuary!
The tower is 15 minutes walk from La Coquette.
Chateau de Beaulon - The blue fountains
located 8 minutes from La Coquette.

As soon as you pass the heavy railings, you enter with delight in the peaceful and welcoming world of Beaulon Park.
You will find the "Blue Fountains", natural springs whose deep, calm and serene waters present a dark blue color, strange and magic.
Classified site and remarkable garden.
Nature Pole of Vitrezay
located 25 minutes from La Coquette.

Boats, a jetty, a tavern, a row of squares, bodies of water!
Discover this nature site on foot, by bike, on the water during a cruise or by initiating you to plaice fishing.
a unique opportunity to be closer to nature and discover some secrets ...
Le port des Salines
located 1 hour and 10 minutes from La Coquette.

In the town of Grand-Village-Plage, on the island of Oleron, the Port des Salines, natural setting labeled Pole-Nature, intends to unveil the history of salt production under many facets: ecomuseum, guided tours, boat trip ..
Mortagne on Gironde
located 10 minutes from La Coquette.

"Village of stones and water", Mortagne-sur-Gironde is divided between high city and low city.
Flank along the estuary wharf; extend the walk along the pedestrian path and discover the viewpoint of the belvedere.
The monolithic hermitage Saint-Martial, former dwelling of monks, is an inevitable site of Mortagne-sur-Gironde.
Port Maubert
located 5 minutes from La Coquette.

Port Maubert is a small harbor in the Estuary where fishing boats with large nets and small sailboats rub shoulders in a festival of colors.
Port Maubert is a maritime site, but it is also an essential step for a walk on the pedestrian path along the channel through the marshes to the estuary.
Medieval city of Pons
located 25 minutes from La Coquette.

The medieval city of Pons, seated on a rock overlooking the valley of the Seugne, has a rich historical heritage as its dungeon among the most beautiful of Saintonge and its Pilgrims Hospital registered by UNESCO.
A circuit in the streets will make you discover the city between rampart and river.

The city of Saintes
located 45 minutes from La Coquette.

This ancient Gallo-Roman city has a rich and varied heritage of more than 2000 years. Discover the ancient remains, the bullring of Saintes, the Arc of Germanicus.
Stroll through the pedestrian streets and along the waterfront of the Charente River.
Talmont sur Gironde
located 25 minutes from La Coquette by a beautiful tourist road.

On a rocky promontory overlooking the estuary of the Gironde, Talmont, has kept its original plan of bastide. Dominating the village, the magnificent Sainte-Radegonde church, symbol of the Poitou-Charentes region, is still fortified with ramparts. In the village, houses with white facades and blue shutters are revealed behind the hollyhocks.
The beaches
first beaches located 35 minutes from La Coquette.

The many famous beaches of the Royans, Meschers, Saint Georges de Didonne, Saint Palais sur mer, La Palmyre, will welcome you to practice the activities of your choice.
Some are large and close to downtown while others are more intimate and wild.

The Palmyre Zoo
located 50 minutes from La Coquette.

Nestled in the heart of an 18-hectare pine forest, the zoo is one of the most popular tourist sites in Charente-Maritime. Beyond being a pleasant and entertaining outing for the public, La Palmyre Zoo also plays an important role in environmental education.

The city of Bordeaux
located less than 1 hour from La Coquette.

Bordeaux is a surprising city!
Let yourself be carried away by a boat tour, discover the mirror of water, enjoy the singular atmosphere of the old Bordeaux listed as a Unesco heritage, and visit the vineyards by browsing the various wine routes.